VCNTY – 2 Years Anniversary Collection

As a part of our second anniversary we want to present you a small new collection.
The collection contains 2 t-shirts and one longsleeve.
We had two different themes that inspired us.

The first one is from back in the days, when everybody was sending postcards to his friends and family while on holidays.
Especially in the 1950s and 1960s, every state in the USA had is own postcard saying “Greetings From …”.
So it was time for us to send our own greetings out in this world. We made a postcard design, which was not only printed as a postcard, we also made a white t-shirt and a pink longsleeve with the postcard design as a backprint.
Definitely check this one out, it’s mad.

Furthermore we wanted to create something that expresses our subcultural influences and the culture behind it.
In a world full of responsibilites and expactations, we don’t try to fit in today’s social obligations.
We fight for our independance.
We want to leave our own mark in this world.
So whatever you do.
Do it for yourself.
Do it for the people around you.
Do it for your culture.

The “Do It For Your Culture” t-shirt comes with a picture on the front, showing a truck with a VCNTY T-Up and the “Do It For Your Culture Print” on the back. The t-shirt itself is charcoal colored.

Both t-shirts and the longsleeve are now available at our onlineshop.

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