Portrait Of A Supreme Lover

Supreme lover, collector, friend, please let us introduce Rune to you.
He was born in a small village and recently moved to a beautiful city called Hannover.
You should definitely go there and check that city out.
The 21 year old visited us with some of his most beloved Supreme stuff and we had the opportunity to have a chat with him.

How did your love for Supreme come up?

I used to collect sneakers at the beginning and I just got very interested in that. In 2011 I moved to the states for two years, I got hooked on all this crazy trap and hip-hop music that started to come up. I saw Flatbush Zombies and people like Drake wearing all these crazy clothes that they've flexed in their videos. I guess that's what got me hooked on streetwear brands like Supreme. I still remember the day they've announced the North Face Bandana collab. I mean I was interested in Supreme, but damn, when I saw the Bandana collab, I was just like what the fuck, this shit is too crazy and sick man. I guess from that day on I had a piece of my heart beating for Supreme. I started a lot of researching about the brand and I found so much more rare stuff that just looked too beautiful.

What's your favorite piece that you own?

Probably my TNF bandana sleeping bag. Did I already mention that I love that collaboration?

What's the oldest piece of Supreme that you own?

Must be my Supreme x Bape Boxlogo Shirts.

What's your favorite collab from Supreme?

I guess you're able to answer that one by yourself now. There are so many great collabs that Supreme has done in the past, but of course, my favorite one is the Supreme x TNF Bandana collab. I also rate all the other paisley stuff that Supreme has made in all the years. I just have an obsession for paisley.

Do you have a grail that you don't own yet?

Personally I think a grail always changes, like for me I don't have a personal grail, it used to be the bandana set, but since I own that, there has never been such a thing as a grail. Sometimes I like to scroll through Facebook or whatever and I just see something and I'm like OK, I need to have this and then the next day it can be something totally different, you know, there's just such a such a wide range of things that look way too beautiful to not have them.

How do you rate the evolution of the streetwear culture in general and regarding Supreme?

Everyone is going crazy right now and the whole scene is moving so fast. It's so massive, just so many people are into it nowadays. Also so many new brands with banging clothes have entered the market. I really like it that a lot of OG stuff is coming back, it always gives me some good memories from back in the days. The brands get pushed more and more by the people to improve themselves. I mean if you have hundreds of people waiting in front of your store, you wanna keep it that way, so you have to try to improve yourself and make more outstanding stuff to keep the people interested in your brand. It just feels like the Supreme movement has gone way up, but in different ways. these days you see so many people wearing Supreme, no matter where in society they stand. Some people just buy Supreme because of the hype and they don't care about these crazy prices. But you will also always have these kind of people that buy Supreme because of the origins and the story behind it. It's always what people make out of it.

Do you see any changes regarding yourself?

I constantly change, I always get inspired by new people, new designs and new fits on a daily base. It always stays streetwear related, so it's kind of like loving Italian food but not always wanting to eat the same pizza.

Whats your point of view on the pros/cons in fact that Supreme is blowing up?

A good thing is definitely that the community is growing. I made so many friends due to dealing with Supreme, it just throws different people from different scenes together, combines them and gives them something they all can relate to. On the other hand, due to the hype, the prices go up, so you see things that were worth like 200$ in 2012 go for more than 1000$ nowadays. Too many people use this opportunity to make a quick buck.

Do you have any favorite brands beside Supreme?

I really like the stuff Patta does, they have an eye for clean designs that are kind of roadmannish but bring a really modern look with it. Besides them, Stone Island has always been one of my favorites as they just do the craziest shit with their garments as like the hand washed corrosive or their heat reactive stuff.
I also have mad respect for local brands, people that just try to do what they love.

Many thanks for the nice interview.
Do you have any last words for us and everyone who's reading this?

I want everyone to do the stuff because they love to do it and not because they want to be a part of something. It's all about receiving favours and returning them. So be nice to the people that share the same interest like you and spread the love. Just keep it real.

And check out the VCNTY brand from my brothers, they do really nice stuff.